Diana Saint James, President of the Friends, Halloween 2023

What We Do

 The Friends of the Library Board is a non-profit organization which provides funding for programming, materials, and technology.

The Friends supports many vital library needs, such as purchasing new materials, funding new programs—many in-person—and keeping its electronic database and streaming programs fully subscribed and current. It also has purchased upgrades to the Reading Room and the Children’s Library.

We Pledge Our Support

The Friends of Larkspur Library wholeheartedly supports the design and construction of Larkspur’s innovative new library. Tailored to serve as a library and cultural community center, the building will accommodate our community’s varied needs with economy and ease. The architects (Noll & Tam) are fully versed in the multifunctional requirements of a modern library, having built many Bay Area libraries including those in Half Moon Bay, Berkeley, Napa, and Los Gatos. Noll & Tam have built or renovated college libraries, including those at Stanford, Saint Mary’s College, and UC Berkeley Bancroft Library. Friends of Larkspur Library believes that our architects and builders (Alten Construction) will construct an ideal library for Larkspur while working within the framework of the $12 million budget. We pledge our support to the approved plan and look forward to the new Larkspur Library as a vibrant cornerstone of learning and connection in our beloved community.

Friends Board stuffing envelopes for the annual fundraising appeal

Board of Directors

Diana Saint James, President
Dulcy Brainard, Public Relations
Susan Bryson, Treasurer
Carrie Burroughs
Helyse Hollander
Coreen Hester
Jordan Jaffe
Alice Kaufman
Huntly Klimchalk
Brianne Koch
Lisa Levin
Dyan Pike, Vice President
Jim Scheller
Mary Van Dyke, Secretary